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  • School NameMightyHearts Preschool
  • Kinderlime UserAmanda Reilley
  • Students15
  • School TypePreschool
  • LocationHillsboro, Oregon

MightyHearts Preschool

MightyHearts Preschool’s child-focused curriculum has been developed by Amanda Reilley, an experienced Preschool Expert and professional with 15 years of experience, knowledge, and understanding of children. As the Owner, Director and PassionateTeacher, she has created a thematic based curriculum that is packed with activities ranging from whole group circle time to active learning games that are inviting to children. We build vocabulary, early literacy skills and math concepts with songs and games.

All lesson plans have been Carefully Crafted, Teacher Tested and Kid-Approved!!!

Life before Kinderlime

All preschools and daycares used that horrible dated system of paper. It’s a sign-in sheet with the name, date and time. Whenever I know someone is using that system, I immediately tell them about Kinderlime. It’s dated, horrible, time-consuming, and inaccurate! Especially if you’re using an attendance-based billing system. I have a full day care program where little ones can come in anytime and the rate is the same. But there are little ones who come just for a specified time, and when parents pick them up they won’t write the right time down. It’s not possible to keep track when children are being signed in and out accurately. It becomes more difficult when trying to enforce a late fee as the time on the timecard may be incorrect. I used to spend hours — hours — no joke — every freakin’ Saturday doing her billing through Quickbooks. It sucked so much of my life away.



Life after Kinderlime

Everything about Kinderlime is so convenient. Everything is done in a matter of seconds. I also love that it’s intuitive. I am not a tech-savvy person at all, but I love Kinderlime because everything makes sense and it’s seamless.

I love Kinderlime for the staff clock in and out. Back when we didn’t have staff, it was mainly Sign In-Out for the Students. I also love Kinderlime for the Staff Hours and it’s exactly the same as Parent Sign In-Out. There’s no debate of when somebody has clocked in and out.

You guys have saved me hours and hours and hours — not on a yearly basis, monthly basis, but on a daily basis — hours of time saved. And you guys always answer my question pretty quick. Within a few hours and at the very least, the next day, and when I call I get an answer. Every person I interact with has been helpful and friendly. I have nothing bad to say about Kinderlime at all. I recommend it to everybody.  Kinderlime is always constantly making great improvements all the time!