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  • School NamePiedmont Global Preschool
  • Kinderlime UserDonna Danzy
  • Students60
  • School TypePreSchool / Childcare Center
  • Location3907 W Market St. Suite B Greensboro, NC 27407

About School

Piedmont Global Preschool is totally committed to building close, consistent relationships with children and partnering with parents.  At Piedmont Global, everyone is welcome. The school values diversity and partnerships with families; staff emphasize inquiry-based learning, love, laughter and kindness. Led by a team of top local early childhood professionals, teachers are nurturing, educated, and incredibly skilled.

Before Kinderlime

Kinderlime spoke with Donna Danzy about what Piedmont Global did prior to Kinderlime. “We used to use paper-based record keeping,” she said. “So much paper, and so much expensive printer ink. One of their biggest issues was the storage of records.” She also talked about the trouble with using systems that aren’t cloud-based. “I sometimes had to trek through surprise inclement weather to get to the PC at the school.”


She talked about how staff had to remember to send a receipt for each payment that was made. They had to write themselves notes to remember to start billing future students on their first day of attendance. Staff often had to stop what they were doing to process credit and debit card payments. Staff would also print out and store paper sign-in sheets for each child. They had an old time clock, and they had to manually add up employee work hours! They struggled with getting parents to give written updates for their authorized pick-up people. 

Now we just grab our phone or tablet, and Kinderlime takes care of all that!

After Kinderlime

After doing trials with four different companies, Donna went with Kinderlime because of its totality of software capability and ease of use. “As a director, I have worked with several different software platforms over the years. Lots of apps are out there and at first many seemed good, but once you start working with them the frustrations are slowly revealed. So I actually ran the demos for four different leading child care management apps with a few of my *real* clients for three weeks in summer 2018. It was a LOT of extra work but I wanted to make sure that I experienced fully living with each app before making a commitment.

In the end there was NO contest. Kinderlime software does so much more than competitors. It is easy to use and more intelligently designed. It has enough muscle with billing, organization and reporting features that you can really use it to keep the business side of your school organized and keep connected to your clients.”

Fantastic software! It is absolutely THE BEST child care app on the market right now. The Kinderlime team offers real 5 Star customer service.

Features such as parent email, parent texting, tagging, batch child actions, enhanced filtering and headache-free automated billing take so much work off of Donna’s plate. Kinderlime runs smoothly with quick reports right inside the app. “I’m generally a tough sell but any Director or Manager will be thrilled with this software!