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  • School NameShore Family Care
  • Kinderlime UserRoxanne Shore
  • Students15
  • School TypeChild Care
  • Bradley Beach, New Jersey

Shore Family Care

Roxanne, the owner of in-home family care called Miss Roxi by the Shore, proudly provides childcare for all ages in a cozy family setting. She offers full-time, part-time, and drop-in care and is willing to work with parents who have unusual needs or schedules. Most importantly, she will take cues from the children. Although Roxanne offers structure and scheduled activities, she wants to feed the children’s interests and encourage them to choose what comes next. 

Life before Kinderlime

Back in March 2016, life was very unorganized and tax time was a nightmare. I started looking for an app to help with attendance and meals. I had initially used a physical calendar that she wrote on to track attendance. At the end of the year when I had to count up who was there and the hours for taxes, it was a pain in the butt.

I had also been using Square at the time for billing and thought at first that billing through Kinderlime would be complicated. I wasn’t sure it would fit the way we billed her parents. When it came to reporting the children’s daily activities to parents, I found it easy to forget small details when talking to the parents at the end of every day. As my center grew, I knew she needed a better way to track all of the children’s activities.

Life after Kinderlime

Whether you’re doing family daycare or you have multiple centers, you need this application!

This app has everything you need to run your daycare. After trying the automated billing system, I believe that, no matter how a center owner runs billing, there’s a way to make it easy through Kinderlime. It saves so much time being able to have Kinderlime generate invoices with the appropriate charges and pull statements at the end of the year for parents.

The Parent Connect features are awesome and very user-friendly. The parent portal keeps parents involved with their child’s day with messaging and quick updates. Being able to track meals and diaper changes through the app helps with reimbursements. I also want to point out how the customer service is second to none. They are always available and very responsive to your needs. Whether you’re doing family daycare or you have multiple centers, you need this app! Now we no longer using other apps; Kinderlime’s variety of features allows her to use one system for everything. It’s cost-effective, too!