St. Theodore Preschool | Kinderlime
  • School NameSt. Theodore Preschool
  • Kinderlime UserMo Rackers
  • Students30
  • School TypeChildcare Center
  • Location 201 N Broadhead Lane, Wentzville, MO

About school

At St. Theodore Preschool, first and foremost, each individual is a child of God. St. Theodore Preschool’s mission is to keep God as the center of everything the children do, from playing and interacting to exploring and learning. The staff works closely with the Wentzville School District and St. Theodore School to align the preschool curriculum to be consistent with theirs. 

Life before Kinderlime

We spoke with Mo Rackers, one of the co-directors of St. Theodore Preschool. When asked what life was like before Kinderlime, she said one word: “Disorganized”.  Prior to Kinderlime, staff were using a lot of paper, charts, and sign in sheets. Billing was also completely disorganized. Invoicing and payments had been kept on an Excel spreadsheet. There were payments in the past that had been missed because it was so difficult to keep track of who had paid when, and for which invoice.


For parent communication, staff had used a report to send out activities at the end of the day, but it provided only the basics of the child’s activities. When Mo took on her position, she knew that the current way of doing things wasn’t going to work much longer. She researched systems that would help digitize everything, and implemented Kinderlime.

Life after Kinderlime

As Mo was looking at other systems, Kinderlime showed that she could do billing and sign-in, then saw that they had payroll so they could get rid of the cards that staff were using for punching in.Kinderlime has so many features and it was easy decision to start using in our preschool. 

It has brought up the level of professionalism for our preschool and saved us lot of money. 

Parent communication is so much better now. Parents love that staff can email, send a text, send updates.  Some of our parents have also passed along the information to their friends so they implement in their preschool.